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Principal’s Message

The Canadian Trillium College (CTC) welcomes you to our school.

CTC is a private Canadian School that offers an Ontario Secondary School curriculum to students in China. After passing their Chinese Middle School program and completing the necessary Ontario Secondary School courses students may be granted an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). The granting of an OSSD is based on the total educational experience the student has acquired over their entire educational history in China. This assessment will be made by the principal after reviewing each student’s academic history and receiving recommendations of course completion by their Ontario teachers.

The most difficult task that all students will face is the acquisition of English as their second language. Students’ levels of English must increase rapidly so that they are able to cope with the Grade 11 and 12 levels of study in the pre-university strand and meet the requirements to receive a secondary school diploma in Ontario. Your pronunciation might be a little weaker than native speakers from Ontario but your understanding and writing of the English language will be close to the level of other students from Canada. This is necessary for you to qualify for entry into a postsecondary school in Canada or other English speaking countries. To obtain this level of competency students will need to work very hard and practice endlessly their new language.

Since obtaining an OSSD is each student’s goal here at CTC, we are committed to offering students the best programmes that we can offer. We also have highly trained Ontario teachers who are available and most willing to help students experience success in their studies. They will demonstrate and teach all of the required knowledge, skills and attitudes required for you to be successful in any university or college abroad.

It is a challenging program but one that is attainable to those who are ready to make a serious commitment to this goal. Students must be ready it immerse themselves in English language activities at every opportunity to be successful in this venture. Once you have successfully completed this program you will be extremely happy with your accomplishment and your parents and teachers will be equally as proud of you.

Our promise to you is that we will dedicate ourselves to assist you in fulfilling your academic dreams and your developmental needs. We ask in turn that you diligently attend to your studies and challenge yourself in becoming the best you can be.

John Holtom
Supervising Principal