High School Affiliated To Nanjing University

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CTC – Nanjing 【BSID:879282】

The High School Affiliated of Nanjing University adheres to the diversified development of education, adheres to the characteristic school-running, cultivates international dual-purpose talents, relies on the rich educational resources of Nanjing University to establish an international high school, and has ten years of experience in Sino-foreign cooperative schooling, ranking among the best in Nanjing. The international high school has an independent campus (No. 32 Qingdao Road) and perfect teaching facilities, and Chinese teachers and foreign teachers teach relatively independently and jointly complete Chinese and foreign high school courses. The “China-Canada Teaching Experimental Class” of the international class has been running for ten years and has achieved fruitful results. All seven graduates successfully applied to foreign universities, including many international famous universities. For example, the University of Toronto, ranked 18th in the world, the University of British Columbia, which has the reputation of “Harvard of Canada”, McMaster University in Canada (ranked 9th in Canada), the University of Ottawa, the University of Windsor, Dalhousie University, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Minnesota, one of the Ivy League universities in the United States, Marshall University (Eastern Level), Monash University in Australia (ranked 3rd in Australia) and so on.

CTC Nanjing provides a futuristic learning environment where every student is eager to overcome every challenge and go through the educational process efficiently from the day, they enter the school until they get admission in the university of their choice. We create engaging learning experiences that match the unique academic needs of students, parents, and teachers. We offer numerous choices and options for extracurricular activities and programs that ensure that students become well-rounded and fully adjusted when it comes to dealing with the demands of the real world. Our graduates have been able to develop confidence to achieve and cross many milestones to realize and contribute meaningfully to society, nation, and humanity at large. Our students have successfully graduated in multiple streams of reputed universities around the world and have established themselves in their chosen careers. From a humble beginning, we have grown in numbers to be the preferred option for parents and students who are looking to repose faith in an institution that not only understands but helps them realize their dreams.

School Website:http://www.njndfz.com/

School Address: 83 Gulou St, Gulou, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, 210008

此文章还有以下语言版本: 简体中文