Program Introduction

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Dual Diploma Program

The Sino-Canadian dual diploma program is to fully introduce the Canadian secondary school education system while combining and retaining the Chinese secondary school education system, providing students with the teaching of the two countries’ secondary school systems without prolonging the study time. In the first and second grades of high school, in addition to learning Chinese high school courses, Canadian teachers teach English courses of all grades in Canadian middle schools, so that students can have the same level of English as Canadian high school students. In the third year of senior high school, pre-university courses necessary for applying for overseas universities are offered. These courses follow the syllabus of the Ontario Ministry of Education and are taught in English by Canadian teachers with Ontario teacher qualifications. Qualified students can obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) issued by the Ontario Department of Education. The credits of the preparatory courses are widely recognized by universities in Canada, the United States and the Commonwealth of Nations, and can directly apply for admission to universities in Canada, the United States and the Commonwealth of Nations study.

2+1 Joint Program

The 2+1 joint school-running project is based on the requirements of Chinese high school curriculum reform and the basic principle of mutual recognition of credit courses between China and Canada, and embeds Canadian Ontario high school credit courses and teaching in Chinese high school courses. When students enter Chinese high schools, they are admitted to Chinese schools and registered in Canadian schools. After two years of study, students complete Chinese high school courses and some Ontario secondary school credit courses; in the third year, they go to The Great Lakes College of Toronto in Canada to complete the remaining Ontario high school credit courses and 6 university preparatory courses (the specific courses are based on the student’s application for university majors. Requirements to be confirmed), students going to Canada will obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma after graduation, and the Great Lakes College of Toronto will assist student in applying to study in universities in the United States, Canada, and the Commonwealth.

此文章还有以下语言版本: 简体中文