Quanzhou Experimental Middle School

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Quanzhou Experimental Middle School was officially approved by the government in June 2001 based on the spirit of the “Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Social Forces in Running Schools in Quanzhou City” issued by the Quanzhou Municipal Government in June 2000. The school was first called “Quanzhou No. 5 Middle School”, it was renamed “Quanzhou Experimental Middle School” in May 2004. In 2005, the relevant departments approved the addition of a high school department. The school is divided into three campuses. Shenghu campus covers an area of ​​42 acres beyond the Shenghu community; Binjiang campus is located in Fashi Community, Donghai, covering an area of ​​70 acres; Licheng Affiliated School is located on Jiangbin South Road, Licheng District, and opened enrollment in 2018. The school currently has more than 90 classes with about 5,000 students. The school has first-class school running conditions. The school building is planned and constructed in accordance with the standards of a modern high school. It has complete teaching equipment, a nice campus layout, and beautiful buildings.

Currently, CTC Shiyan Campus has a total of 5 sections- 2 sections for Year 3, 1 section for Year 2, and 2 sections for Year 1. All the graduates of Batch 2023 received OSSD and now studying outside mainland China. Some of them are now studying in Hong Kong SAR, the UK, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Last year’s cohort received a total of 154 offers from different universities worldwide.

CTC Shiyan campus does not only focus on preparing the students to compete academically as they aspire to study abroad but also engages them with extra-curricular activities such as Quiz Bee, Public Speaking Competition, Talent shows, etc.

Most importantly, CTC Shiyan advocates Mental Health awareness among students. The staff ensures that proper support is given to every student who needs help especially those who are clinically diagnosed with depression. Mental health awareness is highlighted during public speaking competitions and is also emphasized during parent meetings. Specific measures are taken to lessen the students’ stress and anxieties at school.

School Website:http://www.qzxdzx.cn/

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