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The Teacher Adviser Program is now in place at The Canadian Trillium College (CTC) as recommended by the Ministry of Education for all students in grades 7 to 12.

Since our student population is relatively small each teacher has been delegated to be the adviser for each student in his/her own designated classroom. This is an ideal setting as our students continually seek advise on their academic programs as well as seeking clarification on the requirements and expectations to study abroad. When the time comes that our school population is fairly large we will, by necessity, review the adviser structure and delegate students to different staff members as required.

Teachers are expected to discuss openly with students their progress towards an OSSD and recommend additional items to enhance a students development. Some issues are handled during classroom time as a teachable topic when and if special issues arise. At other times, discussions may be held in small groups or on an individual basis.

One of the ongoing activities in each semester of the program is the development and updating of each students “AEP” or Annual Education Plan. The annual educational plan will guide students in making short and long-term education and career goals. The annual education plan will be reviewed and will include course choices (where applicable), plans for extra-curricular activities, goals for academic work and steps in meeting their community service requirements.

The annual educational plan will be available for students, parents/guardians and teacher advisers to preview.