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Education Background

  • University of Toronto (Canada)
    • Bachelor of Arts
    • Bachelor of Education
  • Murdoch University (Australia)
    • Master of Business Administration

Hello! I am John Holden, the supervising principal of the Canadian Trillium College. I have taught in Jamaica, Canada, Thailand, and Hong Kong, and served as a business leader in many cities in China. I have been teaching Chinese people to learn English for more than thirty years. Now I am very happy to be the supervising principal of the Canadian Trillium College. Our students are hardworking and I wish them success in their studies and a bright future!

Principal: Mr. Angel Boukhari

Mr. Angel Boukhari is an Ontario Certified Teacher with a rich international experience. Well experienced and dedicated leader completing 6 years in leading roles such as Principal and Vice-Principal. Possessing an additional 14 years of experience in the teaching practice. Active participant in providing professional development to principals and teachers board-wide in terms of implementing the Ontario ministry requirements, instructional strategies, assessment, evaluation, triangulation and lesson planning.

Principal: Mr. Mithilesh Dixit

Mithilesh Dixit is a certified teacher and Principal from Ontario College of Teachers and has been instrumental in successful graduation of successive batches of students as part of CTC family. He comes with over 35 years of experience in management and administration in Corporate Sector, United Nations, and Educational institutions across the globe. He has taught students across the spectrum in K-12 and higher education institutions and has also successfully managed these institutions. Mithilesh brings a very useful blend of experience from corporate sector and education industry to integrate real life application-based job-oriented learning in the school system. His global exposure helps him to understand the needs of different educational systems, cultures, and societies.

Principal: Ms. Melisa Smith

I am an Ontario Certified Teacher, and Principal, qualified to teach in Junior through Intermediate/ Senior Grade divisions. I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree at Carleton University, majoring in English Literature Studies and History, and my Bachelor of Education at Trent University. In addition to my basic teaching qualifications, I also have a specialist certification in both History as well as Reading and Literacy Development.
In the past seven years of teaching at Canadian trillium College, Jinhua Campus, I have been deeply involved in the international community as a strong advocate for international students seeking to learn abroad. Using and applying the skills learned in my various certifications, while integrating my passion for teaching and learning, has strengthened the school culture through respect, communication, engagement, and growth mindset.
Alongside a including staff and student body, CTC Jinhua campus over the past year has been able to increase educational opportunities through extracurricular programming including: enhanced structure of Student Council to include leadership training and communication developing; the Peer Support Program to improve oral speaking while integrating cross curricular approaches to learning; and the creation of the student managed, and maintained, CTC English Library to promote engaging literacy while providing an alternative learning space for various activities and events.
I look forward to continuing the blending and balancing of the best of both Canadian and Chinese educational practices and enhancing the capabilities and future opportunities of our hardworking students.

Principal: Ms. Cheryl Dublar

Dr. Cheryl Dublar, holding a Ph.D. in Educational Management, teaching career spanning over 16 years, including a decade as a University and College Professor including International Business. As a licensed professional teacher in the Philippines and a prospective member of the Ontario College of Teachers, her deep-seated passion for writing has led to an array of publications in Educational Technology and literature. Her portfolio includes academic research, articles, fiction, and short stories for ESL students, along with novels.

At the Canadian Trillium College Mingyuan Campus in Shanghai’s Fengxian District, we are committed to nurturing future leaders. Our graduates are globally recognized, often securing offers from top universities. The campus serves as more than just an academic center; it’s a place for holistic development, boasting state-of-the-art facilities and a curriculum designed to encourage personal growth and critical thinking. Our educational approach is tailored to instill a global mindset in students, equipping them to thrive as world citizens.



Supervisor:Mr. Julito Dacup

Mr. Julito Dacup is a school administrator, an experienced Master Trainer, and a Foreign Language Teacher in China with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry for 8 years. Skilled in English as a Second Language (ESL), Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, and Public Speaking. Highly intrinsically motivated and self-directed with a strong ability to communicate effectively with others.

此文章还有以下语言版本: 简体中文